1,2,… uMake 3.0 is here! Version 3.0 marks the launch of our first ever fully-featured iPhone app! More exciting features, based on your feedback, are right around the corner. Stay tuned.

iPhone Version

Here it is! We’re happy to release the same uMake you know and love on the iPad, now on the iPhone. This is the first powerful 3D CAD modeling app on the iPhone, and we can’t wait to see what you will create with it!

uMake on the iPhone comes with more affordable pricing due to the small screen size. If you already have a subscription on the iPad, the iPhone version is FREE! Yay!

Apple Sign-In

A new, safer, easier, and private way to create your own uMake account using “Apple Sign-In”.

Change Languages

Switch between languages directly from the app, without the need to reset your device. You can find this setting under the “Account” tab or under the “Settings” panel in the editor.

Bug fixes and improvements

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Version 2.8.2/3/4

We now protect your data with “Conflicted Copies” and adding a new purchase option – a Lifetime plan!

3D Fillet/Chamfer

Version 2.9

Here’s a great update focuses on improvement of: Fillet/Chamfer now supports 3D surfaces with planer surfaces; All brand new help videos!

Help Videos Translated Captions

Version 2.10/2.11

More language and learning support! We added captions to our help videos: English, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Spanish, Also in Japanese, Russian Portuguese and Chinese Traditional; We added support in Right-to-Left languages Arabic and Hebrew!

Color Wheel for 3D designs

Version 2.12

We hope you enjoyed your summer vacation! Here’s what’s new: A new way to add colors to your drawing with our new Color Wheel ans Sliders! It’s so awesome you’ll love it!; Split-View Support; Revolve Tool improvement; Focus Assist settings.

uMake Version 3.9

Version 3.9

New Layers experience We are introducing a new Layers experience to keep your drawings organized and efficient. Now you can easily create collections of multiple

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for iPhone & iPad

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