This new exciting update is all about 3D surfaces. You can now sketch directly on 3D surfaces and create holes! This feature has been in the works for some time and we’re very excited to be able to provide it. Additionally, we’re introducing a new tab that will help you discover new features and tutorials.

Sketching on a 3D surface with Precision tool

Now you’re able to sketch with the precision tool on 3D surfaces. To do that, select the surface you want to draw on and choose “Sketch on Surface”. For now, you won’t be able to edit the curves after you finished sketching.

Creating holes on a 3D surface

When you sketch closed shapes on 3D surfaces, you will be able to erase these closed surfaces and creating holes.

“For You” Tab

We added a new tab that would make it easier for you to find out about new tutorials, features, updates and more! Your feedback is always important to us.

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