Happy Holidays everyone! To celebrate – please enjoy our latest update, with these new features:

Offset Tool

It’s now easier to create offset lines using the offset tool. Double tap on a curve or a surface and then tap on “Offset” to set an offset for your selection. Great for architectural and mechanical plans.

.SVG File-Format Support

With this release, you can import .SVG file format. Use iPad apps like Affinity Designer, Graphic or Adobe Illustrator on the desktop to design 2D vector curves, such as logos, text, ornaments, and others and turn them into 3D using uMake.

Sketch on Planer Surfaces

We brought back the option to sketch on an individual surface, both for flat and 3D surfaces. In this version, you can use the Pen and Precision tools in uMake to sketch on flat surfaces and use the Pen tool only (for now) to sketch on a 3D surface.

New Languages Support!

Nǐ hǎo! ¡Hola! Hallo! Salut! We added support in Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, German and French. We hope to make it easier for our users around the world to learn and use uMake.

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